Cash Access
Chips On Me

Fully automatic intelligent operation process of Chips On Me improves efficiency to exchange chips / promotional chips, which increases intelligent service experience for customers. Meanwhile, the machines are equipped with flexible and reliable backstage management and console modules which can both reduce the workload of casino counter attendants and easy to conduct equipment and transaction management, which greatly reduces casino labor costs.

Key Features
Fully automatic customer self-service cash and chips exchange terminal Connect with member service system to identify member information accurately
Support to configure notes and chips/promotional chips denominations at backstage, which adapts to the flexible demands of casino Enrich casino promotion channels via auto-play video ads in idle mode
Easy and fast operation process which saves exchange time and increases game plays for players Secure and lockable equipment will lock screen when exception occurs, which minimizes transaction risks
Conducive to financial checking and management through recording and settling transaction data at backstage

The Quick Foreign Currency Exchange Device (QFX) is a smart, flexible and fully customizable self-service currency exchange station designed to provide smarter, more agile and reliable cash processing solutions for casino venues. QFX is the most convenient choice for time-saving. Players no need to wait in line at the counter but to get a quicker service in foreign currency exchange. Casino can save on labor costs for the repetitive work, which would be replaced by the machines.

Key Features
A variety of foreign currency denomination recognition, currently preset to four foreign currency identification of MOP, RMB, USD and JPY Equip with coin hopper for coins dispense
Management can access the machines from a distance with RMS, including exchange rate adjustment, transaction record viewing, monitoring of suspicious transactions, and checking transaction records and cash box status Allow to insert a whole stack of cash, and the maximum 200 bills
Identification, clearing and recycling techniques for unsuitable currency and altered currency bills Conducive to financial checking and management through recording and settling transaction data at backstage

LT Game's Cash redemption solution is a smart, flexible and fully customizable self-service currency exchange station designing to provide customers' gaming venue with smart, faster and reliable cash and ticket handling solution. This independent change station offers customers a simple and efficient solution to break large notes into smaller notes with coins or a single ticket and to exchange multiple notes into a single ticket without the need to locate a cashier.

Key Features
Easy to use Supports cash and ticket deposit
Separate securely locked compartment for rejected notes Fast, accurate and reliable cash dispensing mechanism
Increase efficiency Minimizing security risks
Escalating customer service levels

eDrop is the leading multifunctional machine for casino table nowadays, it created an absolute sensation and designed specifically for table game market. eDrop gather currencies fitness sorter, banknote counter, ticket validator, ticket printer and card reader for users convenience. The large display provides operational convenience to both operator and player to verify the transaction amount. The new eDrop has numerous enhancement with keeping all the good features at the same time.

Key Features
Speed up the cash handling process Up-to-date bill recognition technologies help to lower the risk of counterfeit notes
Real time accounting of table drops to enhance management function Fraud protection in “Count Room”
Real time estimation of table performance High performance hardware specification