Live Multi Game System (LMG) is a combination of the real-dealer table games and electronic betting terminals. With the advanced high-tech platform, players are allowed to play different types of games on one betting terminal, and casinos can use our system to offer their players a variety of marketing promotions.

Live Multiple Games

Complied with the latest Macau "Dealer-Operated Electronic Table Game Technical Standards Version 1.0" (DETG 1.0).

Using improved network connection design and database adaptation in order to reduce required hardware equipment but still remain the same gaming effects.

Additional Features

ALMG: The advanced Live Multi Game System (ALMG) allows players to switch different game screens with a flick of finger.

Lucky 6: the new popular baccarat based game brings advanced level of excitement for players.

The Paradise Jackpot is a Baccarat-based progressive jackpot system. By linking up the side bets across various tables, players are able to participate in the progressive jackpot and get a chance to win the approved betting payouts. This system is designed to be a cross-casino and cross-table system, it allows the jackpot pool size to increase in a rapid and enthralling rate

As a special feature of LMG system, Power Tournament provides another type of gaming excitement for players. Participants would buy into the competition (one-time register fee) and compete in a given number of games at the selected table for each round. The one with the highest tournament credits would be the winner of that table and move on to the next round. The procedure continues until the final round. The last player standing would be the winner of the tournament. During the entire competition, players not only are able to enjoy the competition but also are able to monitor the live rankings/standings on the big screen.

Airline Concept Betting Terminal
  • Unprecedented aviation concept gaming terminal with First-Class experience.
  • HD touch screen, massage sofa and various service functions.
  • Private and exclusive gaming area to bring the whole range of luxury and independent entertainment.
  • LT Game's latest betting terminal with 27-inch touch screen, new structure design, streamlined body, and more visually appealing than previous generations
  • Customization available, such as LED lights embedded rear panel and color change to fit casino color tune.
  • Upgraded PC hardware specs to match newer software system
E-Baccarat Table
  • Combining traditional gaming table with stylish and well-designed betting terminals.
  • Using the latest technology, to bring accurate results to each game while also allowing players to interact directly with the Dealer.
  • It is designed to provide an integration of tradition and technology and further upgrade conventional table games.